Have an important event in your future? A Shower? A Wedding? A Family Reunion? An Anniversary?

Try something a little different. For your shower or wedding, try a small favor-size bar of handmade soap in your choice of colors and a meaningful fragrance. Select a package that reflects your vision – rustic or formal.

A gathering of your far flung family at a resort, lake house, mountain cabin or Hotel? What about a swag bag containing handmade soap and other imaginative goodies?

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Sorta Normal?

Fingers Crossed! Could we be slowly moving towards Normal? Flatirons Soap Works has 2 shows scheduled in June! We can hardly wait!

A few new Products

Coffee Scrubby Bar
Artists and Mechanics Soft Scrub for Hands
Charcoal and Aloe Face Mask

Fathers’ day is coming and we have our “tried and true” men’s sets

Citra Shower Soap and Beard Wash in a fresh citrus scent
Bar Soap and Beard Wash with the subtle scent of Whiskey and Wood

A Spa for Beer?

New in Denver – the Beer Spa! New Concept and Flatirons Soap Works was happy to be part of it! As the concept grew, Flatirons Soap Works was contacted to provide our excellent beer soap. The work was finished and a visit was made and were we impressed!

The display on which our products were featured was fantastic!

New Year – New Hope

Who knows what this year has to offer. We are planning for a year with business. We had a wonderful Holiday Season. A big thank you to all our faithful customers who though of us to purchase Christmas Presents.

We have made 96 bars of soap this week so far and will be formulating our bases for the new year. We used up every bit of what we had so we are literally starting fresh!

Soapmaking 101

Have a good new year and remember its always a good time to buy soap!

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R & D Fun

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We have been working on new products.  Our primary focus has been a “cleaner” product.  We are trying to lower the numbers of ingredients from our products and choose the ingredients we use to be more ecologically friendly and more skin friendly.  We have created our own foaming bath butter base and with this base, we are making our new foaming scrubs.

Our latest creation is a Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub make with real beer!  The beer we chose for this new scrub is Avery Out of Mind Coffee Stout!  We love it!  The foaming bath butter base is sudsy cleansing.  The coffee is fresh ground organic coffe and the sugar is raw unbleached sugar.  The exfoliants leave the skin soft and fresh.  The bath butter leaves the skin clean and moist.  Some say the caffein in the coffee grounds helps improve the appearance of that pesky cellulite!  Pair the scrub with a bar of Out of Mind Beer Soap and make it a gift for you or someone you love!

Our next project is whipped body butter with Shea butter, cocoa butter luxury oils!

Stay tuned!

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Fun NEW Products!

We are researching and experimenting to bring you a brand new product for FSW!  Scrubs!  We have been studying for almost a year and we have created a fabulous foaming salt scrub and a dreamy foaming sugar scrub!  And on top of that – they are made with real beer!

Our scrubs are created with a gentle foaming soap, luscious oil and Shea butter.  Scoop out scrub with dry fingers. Rub on wet skin until salt dissolves. The foaming action also washes the skin, so it’s a double duty product!  A body wash with exfoliant!

Our first roll was an Avery Brewing Favorite!  El Gose Foaming Salt Scrub created with real beer and scented with Lime and Sea Salt!  We can’t wait for our friends at Avery Brewing to try them out!

Stay tuned for information as to when these scrubs will be available on our web site!


Refreshing Lime and Sea Salt!

Fun Accessory

We love making our craft beer soaps and we love traveling to shows to share our beer soap with the world.  But once in a while, we find a fun accessory to accent our soaps.  We have found an inventive Colorado soap dish to accent our fabulous Colorado Soap.  The dish is hand crafted in Colorado from Colorado beetle kill wood.  These dishes are created by JC Custom Designs Works.  A great addition to your Colorado collection.

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Colorado Soap Dish