New Things in Our Studio!

New Things in Our Studio!  We are gearing up for our January shows – Old House Vintage Market and the Winter Brew Fest.  We have tons of packaging to do.  We bought a shrink-wrap system for ourselves to help with the overwhelming task of packaging!  We started playing with it yesterday and we LOVE it!  Click to Shop

shrink wrap


Baby Bastille!

The origins of Castile soap go back to Middle East, where Syrian soap-makers have made bar soap based on olive and laurel oil for a thousand years.  It is commonly believed that the Crusaders brought Aleppo soap back to Europe in the 11th century, based on the claim that the earliest soap made in Europe was just after the Crusades, but in fact the Romans knew about soap in the first century CE and soap making was described as early as 300 CE.  Following the Crusades, production of this soap extended to the whole Mediterranean area. Early soap-makers in Europe did not have easy access to laurel oil and therefore dropped it from their formulations, thereby creating an olive-oil soap now known as Castile soap.  Bastille soap must be 70% olive oil with other oils added for various reasons.  Our Baby Bastille soap is 95% olive oil and 5% castor oil.  Castor oil adds fabulous moisturizing qualities and a dense creamy and stable lather.  Click to shop

Baby Soap

2019 Kick Off!

Flatirons Soap Works Beer Fests for 2019 are beginning!  Our first stop is the Winter Brew Fest in Denver.

Location:  Mile High Station, 2027 West Lower Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80204

Dates:       Fri, Jan 25, 2019 7-10 pm       Sat, Jan 26 7-10 pm      VIP hours 6-7 pm each night

We are curing hundreds of bars of beer soap for this fest and will be there with luffa beer soaps and gift bags of beer soap and scoops!  There will be live music and lots of beers to taste!

Winter Brew Fest

A Big Thank You

Avery Brewing has supported Flatirons Soap Works from our very beginnings.  True entrepreneurs, they gave us a chance, early on in our journey, to make soap for their taproom.  We are preparing a new order for them the first week of January.  For the first time in our history with them, they gave us a chance to create a soap from their premiere brew, The Reverend!

In addition to The Reverend, Hog Heaven will be arriving at Avery the first week of January.  Stop in and have a meal, a beer and take home a bar or two of soap!

hog heaven s


Bacon and Beer Classic – Mile High Stadium

In mid May, FSW is attending the Bacon and Beer Classic at Mile High Stadium.  We are so honored to be one of a very few vendors (non-brewery or non-restaurant) invited to attend.

This event has given us an opportunity to collaborate with brewers who are participating to create soaps from their best-selling beers and from the beers they are highlighting at this event!

Our most exciting collaboration is with Breckenridge Brewery of Littleton, Colorado.  They have worked with us to create the signature soap for the event.  We have created a soap from the beer Breckenridge  is featuring, Vanilla Porter, and their Farm House Restaurant, furnished us with lard from the bacon being featured.  We had the most fun creating a soap that will be fabulous, mild and moisturizing using these ingredients!  We haven’t forgotten about our vegetarian and vegan friends, we created a Vanilla Porter Soap with all vegetable oils too!  The little pig peeking out from the soap indicates the lard soap.



Our staunchest supporter, Avery Brewing Company, has collaborated with FSW since our very first year.  The loyalty and support of the great folks at Avery have been so inspiring.  Over the course of collaboration, we have created so many beer soaps, El Gose, Vanilla Bean Stout, Out of Bounds Stout, Raspberry Sour, Coconut Porter, White Rascal, Liliko’i Kepolo, Real Peel, Tangerine Quad, Apricot Sour, Perzik Saison, Chai High and Rumpkin!



Kokopelli Beer Company of Westminster, Colorado has trusted us with several of their best brews and we have created fun soaps to complement their fabulous brew list.  Razzmataz, Berryana, Blarney Stone, Day of the Dead and All About Spice



Left Hand Brewing Company of Longmont, Colorado gave FSW a chance to produce soaps for their top of the line brews, Milk Stout and Juicy Goodness!



Another Brewery we collaborated with for this event is Odyssey Beerwerks of Arvada, Colorado.  We let our imagination run wild with their new offering, Eye of Ra!  Psycho Penguin Vanilla Porter is a big star at the Beerwerks and we loved creating our take on their signature porter.  Oh Snap is Odyssey’s winter ale and is scented with winter spices.



Sanitas Brewing of Boulder, Colorado also joined with us to create something exciting for the Bacon and Beer Classic.  The trusted us with their Saison and the mysterious Black IPA.  We try very hard to capture the essence of the brew and the thoughts of the brew master as each brew is created.



Fate Brewery of Boulder, Colorado has joined FSW to create three soaps from their favorite Brews, Uror Gose, Apollo Tsai and Coffee IPA.



Zephyr Brewing has joined our collaborative venture with their delicious and divine smelling Peanut Butter Porter

Peanut butter porter


Some of our favorite brews come from very small companies who produce their brew with passion.  Mama Bear of Boulder is one of those breweries.  The combination of sweet tea and pale wheat ale is to die for!

mama bear


One of our favorite collaborations was with Strange Craft Beer Company of Denver, Colorado.  They shared their Breakfast Grapefruit IPA.  Our customers love this fresh grapefruit scented soap!



Industrial Revolution Brewery of Erie, Colorado furnished us with their new and wildly popular Blonde Stout to create a soap that represents their awesome product.

blonde stout a


Upslope Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado furnished FSW with its Premiere pour, Citra Pale Ale



Ska Brewing of Durango, Colorado has a fabulous pour, Autumnal Molé Stout, spiced with south of the border peppers.



Nothing is better than a coffee stout and Horse and Dragon Brewery of Ft. Collins, Colorado produces one of the best – Sad Panda Coffee Stout.  We all love how the soap turned out with its cute little coffee bean topper!

sad panda



Something Brewery of Brighton, Colorado has imaginative brews and even more imaginative brew names!  We especially love the Plum Walker with the Zombie on the label and we made a fun Zombie looking soap!

Plum Walker


Another tons of fun brewery is Big Choice Brewing of Brighton, Colorado.  The soap we made for the is one of our favorites (we love the name),  Tarts and Crafts!  Lime ale with a cherry on top!



For those who have gluten issues, we have not forgotten you!  We have a Hard Cider soap from Wild Cider  of Firestone, Colorado.  The scent is heavenly and it looks good too!

hard cidar soap


Denver Beer Company of Denver, Colorado is working with FSW on a trial basis.  This is our version of their awe-inspiring Pretzel Assassin.

pretzel assassin


4 Noses Brewing Company of Broomfield, Colorado was reluctant to share their Logo for our soaps but they have been very supportive and have allowed us to name their brewery and beer name, El Jefe and Bareback Blonde in the description on our label.  We love these soaps!


Fun soaps and mysterious brewers.  There are a few breweries who chose not to collaborate with any soap maker for their own mysterious reasons and we respect that but we did have such great fun making the soap!

galaxy 1


We are preparing for this event every day.  We have the best beer soaps and we are ready to travel!









Fun with Beer Soap!

Here in Colorado, one of the most vital and innovative industries is the Craft Beer industry.  We at Flatirons Soap Works love to make beer soap because it is sooooo good for the skin and the process is challenging plus great fun.  Flatirons Soap Works has been selected to be one of the few vendors at May’s Bacon and Beer Classic in Denver.  We have teamed with Breckenridge Brewery to create a signature soap for the Classic.  We have combined Breckenridge’s Vanilla Porter with the bacon lard from the signature bacon and created a wondrously luxuriant bar of soap!  We also created a vegan version of this soap for those who don’t like bacon.  Although I can’t imagine who that would be!

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Beer and lard soap 1beer vanilla porter

To avoid confusion, we added a cute little pig to the top of the bar made with lard.

Other fun soaps we are creating include:

Fun Soaps

Bath Bombs Suitable for Men??

mug bb

Who says men don’t need bath bombs??  FSW has created 3 bath bombs in beer scents.  Now don’t worry, you won’t smell like a stale beer, these are bright clean scents that remind you of your favorite craft beer.  The bombs come in a beer mug sporting our FSW logo.  The scents are Amber Spiced Ale – the fragrance starts with a fresh citrus top note and has a warm, exotic finish and the base is a wonderful synergy of pine, clove, honey and vanilla.   Honey Ale – this sweet beer type fragrance is a fruity and sweet mixture of Ripe Strawberries, Sweet Apples, Grape Concord, Sparkling Citrus, Honey and Spiced Vanilla.  Oatmeal Stout -it’s a full bodied and smooth beer fragrance blended with Creamy Oatmeal, Orange Peel, Butterscotch, Farm-fresh Milk, Nutty Almond and Rich Vanilla.   By the way, women love these smells too!  Match these bombs with you favorite beer soap for a total bathing experience – and the perfect gift!